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THE INSTITUTE FOR STRATEGIC AND INNOVATIVE TECHNOLOGIES is a non-profit 501(c)(3) nonprofit research institute created to address critical global challenges through advanced science and technology. As part of this, ISIT's Carolyn Meinel and Dawna Coutant participated as members of the Good Judgment 2.0 team in the Intelligence Advanced Research Projects Agency's Forecasting Counterfactuals in Uncontrolled Settings (FOCUS research program).

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We have permission to use the same platform that Amory Bennett created for the FOCUS program. Here you can see examples of how we used Bennett's FOCUS system in our FOCUS competitions --->

Want to test drive Bennett's FOCUS platform? Meet fun people in the social media portion of this system? Email Carolyn Meinel at meinel[at]isitaustin.org for login credentials.

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    August 2021: ISIT's Dawna Coutant and Carolyn Meinel had been combating COVID-19 in IARPA's FOCUS program. We did better than the big modeling teams for the first six months of the pandemic. Then we were about even with the models until Delta arrived. Wow, what a surprise this was to most of us. See what we had forecasted for 2021 as of August 8, 2020 at Covid_forecasts_2021.html


    May 2020: ISIT's Carolyn Meinel explains how she used Natural Language Processing to forecast geopolitical questions in a webinar hosted by Basis Technology: Mirror, Mirror on the Wall -- which Country Will Rule them All?


    January 2020: The team of ISIT and KaDSci, LLC came in 4th place in IARPA's Geopolitical Forecasting Competition out of over 100 initial competitors by forecasting 305 questions within just 5 1/2 months: Details here.